During the war (1959 - 1975)
Ensure the Ho Chi Minh trail to be protected and broaden towards South Vietnam in 1970-1973 May 15 1890-1970 Determine to work hard in any field under the leading flag of the great president Ho Chi Minh in 1970 Determine to fight, determine to win, we still fight until there is no intruder in 1964
Determine to fight, determine to win! We follow the great president Ho and try to complete any hard national duty in 1975. Increase producing food for the front in 1970 Once we determine to fight, we win in 1964
South Vietnam is the strong copper Wall to protect the nation 1970 The whole world will support our revolution. Let's fight hard for the reunion for North and South Vietnam in 1970 For the future happiness of our children, we are vigilant, ready to fight to help nation in 1972
2000 Us military air-crafts were shot down in North in 1973    
Destroy successfully the campaign B52 of America in 1970. The unity - the great unity of the Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. in 1975. Spread of education to the ethnic people on the highlands
May 7 1954-1963 The nine year victory of the Dien Bien Phu Battle in front of the French colonial empire in 1963 Nixon who was a guilty politician for making the serious war in Vietnam in 1970 South Vietnam People determine to take back the civil rights leader from the invaders in 1972
The Unity in 1975 Our young people are our builders in 1975. Protect the nation in 1972
The failure road of American soldiers in the dry season in 1967 in South Vietnam in 1967 The Vietnamese People are sure to win. The American Empire is sure to lose in 1972 Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom in 1972
The south Vietnamese People who are indomitable fighters, 1975, collected South Vietnam The spiritual strength which is sure to win the strong enemy in 1972 The liberation of Vietnam in 1975
Joining in Vietnamese War is a crime of America in 1970 The peace for Vietnam in 1975